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Kerry uses her unique combination of Energy Healing, Transformational Coaching, and Soul Light Language. Kerry’s Shamanic abilities enable her to connect with the energies of the earth, multiple dimensions, the spirit world, angels and past lives to clear old energy and realign you.

With 20 years of experience as a  Registered Nurse, This provides Kerry with a unique understanding of how alternative and mainstream healthcare can work alongside each other to restore each person to their full innate power.

This year for me has centered around medical treatment and recovery! However, upon completing treatment I was continuing to visualize emotionally difficult moments experienced during that time! I felt like this negative energy was wearing me down. My session with The Healing Tree was such a positive experience! Kerry is very nurturing and intuitive, and I came away from the session feeling energized, with a real clarity of thought!

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Byron Bay Hinterlands


Living without a connection to your intuition and spirituality is like living with a part of you missing; tap into this and you will be forever grateful.

Kerry BrownEnergy Healer, Transformational Coach & Soul Activator